Scholarly research on the web: Alternatives to Google

During March, the Library is presenting a 3-part online series called Strategic Internet Interaction. Join us this Thursday (March 18) at noon for the second webinar, Alternatives to Google. Librarians Ann Moriarty and Harold Henkel will demonstrate techniques to protect your privacy, plus specialized search engines that prioritize different websites from Google.

Topics will include:

  1. Avoiding filter bubbles and confirmation bias
  2. Protecting your privacy when searching the web
  3. Using alternative search engines and browsers.

To join the webinar this Tursday, click here.

Faculty Scholarship Works-in-Progress online presentations

On March 2, The Faculty Senate hosted an online “works-in-progress” event, in which two members of the Regent faculty presented and took questions on upcoming books that are still in the writing phase:

  • Prof. Daniel Gilbert, Ph.D.
    Pneumatology: The Renewal Theology of God, The Holy Spirit
    Kendall Hunt Publishers

  • Prof. Jeffrey A. Brauch, J.D.
    Topic: Understanding Human Dignity

Both presentations prompted a lively discussion from the online audience. A Zoom recording of the event is now available:
Passcode: azw!3AA$

Improve your Library by taking our survey!

Library Satisfaction Survey – 2021

February 2-15

The 2021 Library Customer Satisfaction Survey began on February 2 and will continue through February 15.  The survey, which takes less than ten minutes to complete, is the primary instrument we use to hear from our users and improve our services. By taking the survey, you can tell us what you like and what you would like to see changed at the Library.

There are two different surveys, please choose a survey below according to your current status:

$$ You could win a $50 Amazon Gift Card* $$

After completing your survey, you will have a chance to enter in the drawing for one of three Amazon gift cards. The drawing will take place after the survey has closed by February 20, and the winner will be notified by email.

*Please note that prizes won by Regent University employees are subject to state and federal taxes.

Fake news webinar series recordings now available

Lifecycle of false information

Zoom recordings are now available for all the programs of our three-part series on discerning truth in the era of fake news:

While the phenomenon of fake news is widely discussed in academic forums and publications, these programs are unique in addressing the problem from a Christian perspective. The Library would like to thank our faculty presenters and CBN News Director Rob Allman for making this series possible.


Image source: Meel, Priyanka and Dinesh Kumar Vishwakarma. “Fake News, Rumor, Information Pollution in Social Media and Web: A Contemporary Survey of State-of-the-Arts, Challenges and Opportunities.” Expert Systems with Applications 153, (2019;2020;):

New banners display Library’s core values

Nearly everyone agrees that, both for individuals and organizations, living by certain values is important, but how does this manifest itself in practice? According to Harvard Business School professors Clayton Christiansen and Michael Overdorf, organizational values are “the standards by which employees set priorities” about what is more and less important in their operations.* Along with its Vision and Mission statements, the Library lists four core values, exemplified by Scripture.

With the help of Regent marketing, the Library has created attractive banners for each of our core values. They are in front of the resource desk. Photos of each banner are located on our Facebook and  Instagram pages.

*Clayton M. Christiansen and Michael Overdorf, “Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change. (Cover Story),” Harvard Business Review 78, no. 2 (March 2000): 69,,uid&profile=bsi&defaultdb=bth&defaultdb=buh